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Our company has been founded in pleasant family surroundings with a clear goal to efficiently use the long term experiences from transport area to our clients that much so that it could behold a large entity able to serve many customers and their transport needs with a strong impact on quality, price and effectivity.

We primarly focused on steel products shipping and nowadays we are moving goods for our clients from different steel producers all over Europe to the chosen designates consignees. We put an impact on most advantegous prices, speed and primarily the safety of transported goods in accord to our customers rerquirements, for whose we are available 7 days a week during 24 hours constantly.

In our transporters portfolio you can find companies from 4 countries and you always may rely that your goods will be undertaken in best hands and for your required transport we put the suitable vehicle. As mucha s our carriers are satisfied with us, as much you will be satisfied too.

As much as to our clients that much to our transporters we sevre with constant availability, mistake less comunnication in Slovak, english, German and Polish language, the honest business relations and most reliable payment diciplnine.
You may rerly that with support of most modern communication tehcnologies we will move with us all right!

Already now we are lookng forward to our common cooperation and we are here for You on telephone or personally at our head Office! Join with us today!